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Dear amazing Yuletide writer

First of all, thank you so much for offering to write for one of my silly little fandoms. I know you'll be just brilliant! 

Secondly, I'd like to quickly outline some of the things I like and dislike in fic, in general...

Yay!: slash, first times, angst (that may or may not end happily), awkwardness, humour, snark, vouyerism, frottage  

Nay!: PWP, major character death, heavy BDSM, over the top fluff, mpreg, crossovers

And lastly, I want to tell you, dear writer, a few things I'd love to see in each of my requested fandoms. Of course, all these things are optional. They're just little ideas and suggestions. So here we go...

Community: I adore Troy and Abed. And more importantly, Troy/Abed. I'd love to see something that explores the romance beyond the bromance. That, or some crazy gen!fic. And with these two, almost anything will make me happy! First (maybe awkward) kisses? Hell yeah! Sex? Sure, if it floats your boat! Crazy madcap adventures? Why the heck not?! And if you have an angsty idea, like something set in the Darkest Timeline, and you reckon it'll work, then who am I to stop you? :D

Hamm & Buble: I almost died when I saw that this had been nominated as a Yuletide fandom. Basically, I'd love to see one of two things here. Either something from before John kidnaps Michael (maybe set at the party and leading into the set up of the restaurant) or something dark and/or funny set during the period in which John is holding Michael captive. If you want to slash the guys, feel free. If you want to make it gen, that's great too. If I got a fic based on this sketch, no matter what it was about, it'd make my day.

Doctor Who RPF: Matt Smith/Arthur Darvill? I love these boys to death, and there are only about 4 or 5 fics that I can find about them together. So I'd be happy with almost anything when it comes to this one. The one thing I'd like to see included would be some snark/sarcasm. Other than that? Go nuts!

Thank you again, wonderful Yuletide writer, for making one of my crazy dreams come true! I hope you get a lovely fic in return for your awesome efforts. Merry Happy.


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